Blog Post Review and Improvements:
The blog project involved creating a simple, easy to use blog post that would be easy to share and would be SEO friendly.
I created the wireframe below and these are my annotations:
- The blog title is set to an H1 tag for easy SEO indexing an searchibiliy by Google and other search engines
- The Posted By field would include the editors Name and Surname for search reasons
- The tags have been added so that readers can find the blog post when search for particular tags
- The share buttons include the most popular social networks: Facebook and Twitter as well as an email icon which opens the user's default email client for them to email the blog post.
- To the left of the social media icons and + Share icon can be seen. This will open up the "Add This" widget.
- The comments section is divided from the blog post with a line indicating to the designer that this should be a show the reader that this is a seperate section to the blog.
- The comment owner must login in order to comment (the login will ask the user for Name, Email and optional profile image). 
- The name of the commenter will be shown on the left side of the comment along with a profile image if available. This is so readers of the blog feel more confident that the comment is from a real person. Also the comment approver can view the profile of the commenter and easily recongise spam comments.
- The Leave a comment form is intuitive and asks the user for only the basic fields. 
- In the example below Mike is logged in and his profile name is seen on the left of the comment field. 
- The comment fields in large and centred to ensure the user understands that the blog can accept long comments.
- The other fields Name and Email are required fields and the website link is optional.  This can be indicated by adding an * next to the required fields. Though most users of comments  will know this.
- Optionally the name and email can be autofilled since the user has logged in.
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