Yachting Malta
Connect Travel
SD Casting - Prototype
Amrit Maghera - Prototype
Boxnotch - Prototype
Ship Low Cost
Fortytwo Group
Fortytwo Telecom
Neisha Crosland
Surplus & Adventure (eCommerce Shop)
Diana Award
Cake Shop - Prototype
Creative Agency - Prototype
Art Gallery - Prototype
Music Playlist - Prototype
Freelance Trainers - Wireframes
Scandinavian Business Forum
Pergola Hotel & Spa - eCommerce Online Bookings
Connect Support Services Ltd.
User Journeys
PWC Acadamy
Social Media - Wireframes
User Personas
Transport Malta
Nenu The Artisan Baker
Mobile Shop A/B Testing
UX Design Process
iPhone 5 Wireframes
Contacts App
Bug Report App
LinkedIn Portfolio
Facebook Share
Social Media Profile
Photo Gallery Management
Register & Login Wireframes
Responsive Website
Leave Application - Scenarios
HR Payroll Process Flow
RACI - Stakeholder management
Usability Testing (using Loop11)
Competitor Analysis
Content Strategy
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Video Gallery - Wireframes
A/B Testing (Optimizely)
Heatmaps - CrazyEgg
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